Introducing Tatask teams: collaborative task management made simple 🎉

Max Girkins

3 minute read

a year ago

I’m thrilled to announce that after some intense designing, coding, and tweaking sessions, Tatask is now ready to help level up your team’s productivity! I’ve been working hard on this for over a month now and have been thinking about it ever since I first built Tatask. Team collaboration is a natural extension of how Tatask is designed and I am looking forward to seeing how teams use it to become more productive and less overwhelmed.

The Headlines

  • Everyone in a team can see the same task tree
  • Team members can be assigned to branches
  • Everything syncs in real-time
  • This is just the start

Structured like your business

Tatask has always been designed to be the best way to organise projects. By taking a large project and breaking it down into smaller sections and then further into tasks you are able to clarify your ideas and break complex plans into simple steps. This is enormously powerful and yet simple at the same time. When you couple this with teams it becomes even better. Everyone on the team can see the whole tree of tasks, but they only need to worry about branches that concern them directly. You can assign the Marketing branch to the head of marketing, and they can assign subbranches to various members of their team. Your task management will closely resemble your org chart so everyone knows what they need to do.

A list of tasks with face avatars on them showing who is assigned to each task.

In a small business, it’s important to have visibility over the whole business and that’s where Tatask really shines. You can quickly drill down into different areas of the business, see how much progress is being made and which tasks are ballooning in scope. If you need some tasks to be private (for example HR tasks) then you can simply create a new team and invite only those who need to see that data.

Beautifully simple

I believe in keeping task management incredibly simple. Too often it becomes overcomplicated and you need to create tasks just to manage tasks, yuck! Tatask is designed to let you and your team work however you want. It doesn’t prescribe a certain workflow as different team members will work in different ways. It simply helps you to plan what needs to be done and then it gets out of the way and lets you get things done.

A dialog that has a list of team members who can be assigned to a task

One of the most useful features of Tatask for teams is that everything syncs in real-time so you and your team will always be on the same page. And, if you’re offline you can still use Tatask! Updates will sync once you’re back online.

Give your team agency

Increased agency boosts productivity. Tatask is designed to encourage agency in teams, it’s as easy as assigning a branch to someone and letting them handle the subtasks and planning for how that branch is completed. By assigning branches to team members they can gain a sense of ownership over a portion of a project and see how their work is building towards the greater whole.

Your team is going to love Tatask, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to other task management systems that have a steep learning curve and require more upkeep than Buckingham Palace!

How to get started

  • Sign in to Tatask
  • Open the new team switcher

    A dialog that has a list of team members who can be assigned to a task
  • Click ‘Add Team’

    A dialog that has a list of team members who can be assigned to a task
  • Name your team and invite members

    A dialog that has a list of team members who can be assigned to a task
  • Start creating tasks and taking your team’s productivity to the next level!

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