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Let's break it down

Half the battle with complex tasks is knowing where to start. Divide any big task into subtasks and they suddenly look a whole lot more manageable. Break these subtasks down even further and now you're dealing with a list of tasks that feel like a breeze to complete!

Tatask is designed to help you break big projects down into simple steps in moments. Go from "I don't know where to start" to having a well defined path towards your goals in no time.

Focus on now

Schedule tasks for later to clear your mind and focus on what is important now without worrying about 12 different nagging deadlines.

Tatask's nested structure helps you by hiding branches you're not working on. Zone in only on today's work and your productivity will skyrocket.

Easily plan your day

Quickly favourite tasks to make a simple list to focus on for the day. Ignore everything else and you're set for a productive day.

Sort it out

Spend less time organising and more time doing. Everything about Tatask is designed to be easy and get out of your way.

Drag and drop tasks to prioritise them or move them anywhere in your tree.

Keep up the good work

Tatask shows you a visual representation of how much progress you're making which helps to keep your productivity high.

Zen productivity in the palm of your hand

You can always jot down tasks and ideas as they come to you so you never forget a genius idea.

Tatask can be installed on most devices and works offline too.


Easily keep track of related tasks by adding #hashtags.

search by tag or simply click on one to see all the other linked tasks.

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How do I find Tatask on the app store?
Tatask has been designed as a 'Progressive web app'. It functions almost exactly like every other app on your phone with an icon on the home screen etc. but it is not on an app store. Instead you can simply install Tatask on your phone/tablet directly from the Tatask website. I have built Tatask this way so that I can offer the best experience for both Android and IOS users. By avoiding the app stores I am able to offer improvements without a lengthy review process so Tatask can improve rapidly and I can ensure users have the best possible experience at all times.
Can I use Tatask with my team?
I initially built Tatask for myself so it is focused on individual users however I always planned it to become a collaborative app in the future. Depending on the level of demand, I will be building in team features such as assigning different people to different task branches and task visibility controls. If that sounds like something you need, send me a message. In the meantime, you can all log in to the same account and things should work. There may be some weird behaviour though.
Can you add XYZ feature for me?
I love feature suggestions, they are a great way for me to learn how people are using Tatask. Do send them through! Having said that, the ethos of Tatask is one of simplicity so I am working very hard to make sure that it doesn't become a bloated tool with way too much complexity that alienates most people.

Tatask is always improving

I use Tatask every day to plan how I'm going to improve Tatask. It's meta and, more importantly, it means that I'm always trying to make it the best productivity tool ever.

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Tatask is a simple yet powerful task management application designed around a tree based structure.
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