10x your productivity with a nested structure for your tasks. Achieve more with less stress.

Tatask's intuitive nested structure helps you break complex tasks into actionable steps so you'll sail through your day smoothly.

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"Loving using Tatask to centralise my many to do lists and thoughts. Easy to use, simple but powerful. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to supercharge their productivity!"

- Jack F. - Manager

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Lists are so 1-dimensional. Bring structure to your tasks.

Tatask helps you create a hierarchical tree of tasks so you can break down the biggest projects into manageable tasks.

The smaller your tasks, the easier they are to complete and the more you will get done.

It's easy to build momentum and reach a flow state when you can tick off small tasks and see rapid accomplishment.

Massive project

Break it down into areas

As many levels of simplification as you like

I just love the flexibility of Tatask. I use it to track development of my startups, mostly, but also building marketing sites, and really anything."

- Stuart B. - Founder

🪴 Water the plants

📝 Write blog post on small business marketing

🎨 Redesign landing page hero section

💌 Reply important sales message

🤏 Prioritise plans for tomorrow

⛳️ Book golf trip to Morrocco

📚 Read 'Atomic habits'

Focus on today, ignore the rest.

Quickly favourite tasks to make a list of items for the day and you can focus solely on those tasks.

Schedule tasks with due dates and they'll appear when you need to think about them.

Tatask's structure naturally helps compartmentalise tasks and hides away things you're not focusing on to free up space in your brain to do the important work.

"Ditching Trello for Tatask has paid off enormously. Gone are the endless scattered boards and now I have a natural structure for everything I'm working on. It's as simple as Trello but 10x more useful. Highly recommend!"

- Alexander C. - Investment Associate

How is Tatask different?

Infinite nesting

Tatask goes all in on nesting. Normal lists just don't have enough power or nuance to get complex work done.

Ultimate simplicity

Complexity is the enemy of productivity.

The less time spent organising your tasks the better.

Designed for offline

Tatask is designed to work fully offline. Continue to work wherever you are and everything will sync with your team once you're back online.

"As a to do list person, this app has taken things to the next level for me. I love that I can create lists within lists, and break down the massive daunting scary tasks into manageable actions that are way less scary. Thank you Tatask!"

- Rosie D. - Consultant

Tatask for your team

Assign people to branches

  • Assign a task branch and team members have agency to complete subtasks however they like.
  • Plus, you can see progress visually and identify which tasks are taking longer than expected.
  • The antidote to micromanagement.
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Realtime sync

Any changes made by team members are instantly synced to everyone else.

Easily manage your team

Quickly add and remove team members from your team whenever you need.

Assign roles to team members to control who is able to add and remove team members and edit the team.

Everything you need to get things done, nothing you don't.

Infinite subtasks

Take your biggest plans and break them into small, actionable tasks.

Customisable sorting

Drag and drop to order or sort by due date, creation date and more.

Advanced scheduling

Assign recurring and one-off due dates to tasks so you can stop worrying about them until they're needed.

Full search

Finding what you need is only a few keystrokes away.



Real time cross platform sync

Everyone on your team on the same page easily.

Full offline support

Tatask is always available when you need it so you can get things done anywhere.


Tag tasks to group them by themes so you can access those #quick tasks whenever you have a spare moment.

Progress tracking

Motivate yourself and your team with visual progress indicators.

Beautiful personalisation

Customise Tatask to your taste with a variety of colours and backgrounds in both light and dark modes.
Bring your own background for ultimate personalisation.

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  • Drag and drop organisation
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